Patents are our passion
Typically, patents represent the most valuable IP assets of our clients. We understand and appreciate their importance. Therefore, we love to take care of the patents held by our clients and even more, we love to help their patent portfolio to thrive and prosper. However, dealing with patents owned by others is also within our core competence.

The patents of our clients
Dealing with the patents of our clients is our daily work. We encourage our clients to involve us as early as possible, ideally from the beginning of their R&D projects to the market entry of a new product and beyond. During the whole process of product development we are happy to provide assistance in
- developing viable patent strategies
- identifying patentable inventions
- preparing, filing and prosecuting patent applications throughout the world
- building and managing patent portfolios.

For those clients that have no internal capacity for patent management and administration, we can also provide this as part of our services, fully replacing an inhouse patent department or just providing what is needed to fully support their business.

Third party patents
The importance of third party patents to the business of an enterprise is often underestimated, especially by small- to mid-sized entities and startup companies. Such third party patents, however, may represent significant legal obstacles to the commercialisation of a new product or technology and should therefore be identified as early as possible during product development. We are highly experienced in searching, identifying, analysing, monitoring, and challenging third party patents and patent applications that pose potential threats to our clients’ businesses.


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