Our approach
We are highly flexible to tailor our services and our collaboration model to the specific needs of our clients. For small companies, one-stop shopping at Pharma Concepts is usually most attractive: Large companies with their established IP infrastructure may prefer to work with us case-specifically in selected projects, such as patent applications relating to our technical core competencies, freedom-to-operate analyses, patent oppositions, or due diligences. And we are open to anything in-between.

Not sure which IP services are required?
No problem, we can help to determine your IP needs. Our clients don't need to speak our IP language - we speak theirs, as we are familiar with both perspectives from first-hand experience. On this basis, we will be able to identify the gaps that must be filled, and appreciate IP issues that have already been taken care of.

In-house IP services
Some of our clients already work with other IP firms, but have no in-house patent expert to manage such collaboration. We are experienced in filling this gap and working in the role of an in-house IP counsel: We can advise our clients on their internal IP processes, help them capture the inventions made in their R&D projects, give instructions to external IP service providers, and manage their IP portfolios. Depending on your needs, we can offer flexible support ranging from interim projects  with fixed duration to long-term cooperations.

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