Viable IP strategies
Investing in R&D projects without a viable IP strategy is like sailing in the fog without a map or radar. An integrated IP strategy which ensures that the results of your R&D projects may be used exclusively by your own business or under your control is the basis for harvesting the fruits of your today’s investment in the future.  

Alignment with the business and R&D strategy
One of the most crucial aspects of a viable IP strategy is the alignment with the business and R&D strategies of a company. A viable and integrated IP strategy aims at improving the competitive position of any business involved in the development of a new product or technology taking into account the business plan, the target markets, and the position of potential competitors. Furthermore, early alignment of the IP and R&D strategies will ensure optimal patent protection with respect to both: the scope of protection and the term of exclusivity.

IP budgets are not unlimited, and therefore it is mandatory that the available funds are spent wisely and with the best possible effect. We will gladly help you to analyse the international scope of protection your business needs now and in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, we will provide transparent estimates of the costs associated with your international filing plan to ensure a predictable and reliable development of costs for your financial planning.

Advice to senior management
Especially for small firms and startup companies without internal IP counsel, we offer to provide advice that is built on a thorough understanding of the business and of the respective product or technology in our field of expertise, and that addresses both the risks and the opportunities associated with an IP situation.

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